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We help unlock the promise of space to help governments and businesses solve complex problems on Earth and in near-earth space

About Violet Shift
Passionate about Space

We are a specialist consultancy advising industry and government on the strategic opportunities for investing in space and generation after next technologies that could give competitive advantage across rapidly evolving technology sectors.

Passionate about Space and its sustainable use, we are ready to help others to think strategically, innovate and accelerate the adoption of new space-based technology to find opportunities in an increasingly disruptive and uncertain landscape.

We have a growing network of operational, research and technical expertise across our group of associates spanning the space ecosystem, cyber, intelligence, automation, human machine teaming, senior mentoring & decision making and operational analysis.


  • Strategy Development
  • Innovation
  • Technology Insertion
  • Capability Management



  • Space Ecosystem
  • Sustainable Space Development
  • Missions and Tasks

Defence & Security

  • Strategic Net Analysis
  • Multi Domain Operations
  • Military Applications of Space
  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

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We offer a wide range of services across a number of sectors. We would be pleased to explain more about Violet Shift, our ethos, values and how we can help you. For all enquiries, or to discuss Associate Partnership opportunities click please contacts us via the link below.

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