Our sectors

Our Sector based approach allows service our offering to be easily tailored and scaled to your needs.


Space Ecosystem

  • ‘New Space’ & ecosystem segmentation
  • Innovative public procurement opportunities
  • Dual-use technologies

Sustainable Space Development

  • Strategic Stability and Space
  • Space Sustainability Challenges
  • The role of space as a global common good
  • Space Law and Policy
  • Stakeholders & Space

Missions & Tasks

  • Understanding and managing near-Earth and CIS Luna space
  • Launch
  • Communications
  • Earth Observation
  • In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing (IOSM)
  • Human exploration

Defence & Security

Strategic Net Analysis

  • Future technologies and operating environments
  • Hybrid approaches and sub-threshold activity
  • State and non-state adversary assessments

Multi Domain Operations

  • Integrated Operations Concept
  • Information advantage and manoeuvre
  • Integrating Space and Cyber Domains

Military Applications of Space

  • Capability planning and use case design
  • Protect and defend mission set
  • Space support to operations

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

  • Concept design and force planning
  • Platform agnostic approaches
  • Accelerating the task, collect, process, exploit and disseminate cycle

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